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Many of us would like things to be different and yet they stay the same. Is this because it is easy to do what we have always done and to hear what we have always been told? Perhaps it is because it is harder to take the time to stop and reflect; to challenge ourselves to be different.


What would you achieve if you could work with someone whose purpose and intention was to support you to stop and reflect, to define the change you want, and to take the steps to get there? What would you achieve if you could work with a coach? Click through my site to find out more.


What is Coaching?


Coaching allows an individual to do what they want, faster, more effectively and with more awareness than they would be able to do themselves.


Why use Coaching?


Clients often come to coaching as they feel stuck in a rut with some aspect of their life or work and recognise they need to do things differently.


My Experiences


After 12 years in corporate HR (and 2 children) I decided to focus on my real passion for helping individuals take development steps and realise their potential. Read More...

Practicalities &

Contact Details

For a commitment-free discussion about the coaching process, and to determine whether working with me is the right thing for you, please get in touch. Read More...

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